Bo is a wonderful 10 year old boy from Asia.  He needs a family to call his own.  He would do well in most families. 


Here is what Bo’s host family had to say about him. 

Bo was a sweet joy and blessing and we enjoyed having him in our home for a month.  He was very easy going and there was never a minute when he did not have a smile on his face.  He loved hugs and snuggling. Although he needed a wheelchair to get around for the events outside of the house he never used it inside of our 2 story house. He was all over and crawled everywhere and was everywhere. Bo was just full of curiosity and wanted to know what everyone was doing.  When one of my sons was working on Algebra, Bo wanted to know how it worked. We showed him how to balance equations, and after he figured out what subtraction was, he had it .  He was a very VERY quick learner.  Everything we did, he found a way to do as well.  He surfed in the ocean and built sand castles and swam and jumped in the pool.  He played football with the boys and blew bubbles with the girls.  He even played soccer with a group of 6 boys and was able to hold his own. Bo loved bubble baths!!!  We would load the garden tub with bubbles and after we closed the door we would count to 3. By the count of 3 we would hear a huge splash and a hearty giggle:-)  We ended up bringing the swimming goggles up to the bubble bath too. He spent hours enjoying the fun of the tub. 

 I am by no means a medical person but my feeling was that if he could get his legs braced so he could stand and have some hand crutches his life would be so amazing. He was always so curious about what was going on on the counter. He would pull chairs and stools over to see what I was cooking and what science experiments we were doing for school.  He wore a diaper but changed it himself and took care his own hygiene. 

He is an amazing little guy who needs a family.  He loved having my other 4 kids around but really cherished that one on one with a mom and a dad.  He is a boy full of life and so wanting a family to show him all the adventures life has to offer.  We had a going away party and loaded our house with 72 people who over the course of 3 weeks grew to love this little guy and so desperately wanted to find him a home.  We had 4 families apply but with China’s rules of the number of kids, income and age they were denied but we know there is a perfect forever family out there for Bo.


In  Bo’s home country the basic requirements are:

  • His parents need to be between the ages of 30 and 55.
  • They must have a minimum net worth of $80,000.
  • The family should have fewer than 5 children in the home.

  If you want to help here are some ideas. 

1.) Give: His adoption will be expensive. 100% of all donations will go directly into an account to help pay for his adoption expenses. This will cover things like; translation of documents, fingerprinting, background checks, Visas, travel, immigration paperwork and more.  You may not be able to give thousands of dollars but if enough people give the equivalent of one Starbucks coffee we could fund his adoption.

2.) Pray: Pray that his adoptive family will be found and that they will be a good match for Bo.

3.) Advocate: Share Bo’s story with your friends. Go to Love One Child’s facebook page and like it, then share Bo’s story with your Facebook friends. Use your social media to give him a voice.

4.) Adopt: Bo might not be the right child for your family, look around and find the one who does fit and bring them home. No one should grow up without a family.

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